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Unit 3: Systems in Action

Prairie Creek watershed in the Wallowa River Basin, Oregon. (Photo by NRCS_Oregon, CC BY 2.0)
In Unit 1, we introduced the concept of farmers and ranchers as ecosystem managers. As you have worked your way through the entire course, hopefully you have developed a richer understanding of that concept. We highlighted four key ecological principles that underpin all farming and ranching systems, and explored how those principles can be applied in the field.
As advisors and consultants we have an important role to play in helping farmers and ranchers use these agroecological concepts to manage their farms and ranches in ways that are both profitable and good for the environment.
Before you exit the course, take some time to explore the course resources available through the 'Resources' and ‘Video’ tabs in the navigation bar at the top of this page.
You have completed Course 3, Agricultural Ecosystem Management.
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