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Unit 2: Applying Ecological Principles


Rows of certified organic potatoes in flower on an organic farm in Kings Valley, Oregon. (Photo by NRCS_Oregon, CC BY 2.0)
Now that you have studied some of the key ecological principles related to agroecosystem management, in the next two units we will look more closely at how to work with those principles in the field. As you continue with the course, we’ll be answering the following three questions:
  • How can we help farmers and ranchers put ecological principles into practice?
  • What are some of the general management practices that can be used to enhance the ecological functioning of crop and livestock systems?
  • Are there some simple ways to monitor physical and biological changes in agroecosystems so that we can evaluate the effect of different practices? 
You are encouraged to work through the remaining units in sequence. However, if you would like to look ahead, or to go back and review any of the sections you have already covered, the navigation menu on the left of this window allows you to explore the contents in any sequence. The “Resources” and “Videos” tabs above give you the opportunity to follow-up on topics of particular interest to you.
PAGE 45 / 102