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Unit 1: Basic Ecological Concepts and Principles Related to Agricultural Systems


Farming along the Tualatin River, Oregon. (Bob Rost, OSU EESC)
Welcome to the third course of the National Continuing Education Program in Sustainable Agriculture. This course – Agricultural Ecosystem Management – has three major sections, also indicated in the navigation menu to the left:
  • Basic Ecological Concepts and Principles Related to Agricultural Systems
  • Applying Ecological Concepts to Crop and Livestock Production
  • Monitoring Agricultural Ecosystems and Organic Agriculture¬†
This course will prepare you to help farmers and ranchers better understand ecological principles and apply them to the management of their crop and livestock systems to improve long-term profitability and stewardship of land, air and water.
You are encouraged to work through the course in sequence. However, if you would like to look ahead, or go back and review any of the sections you have already covered, the navigation menu on the left of this window allows you to explore the contents in any sequence. To explore topics in greater depth, additional information resources are provided within the course, as well as under the Resources and Videos tabs above. We also encourage you to seek other educational opportunities related to this course. A good place to start is by contacting your regional SARE office (or SARE state coordinator) where you can learn more about workshops, conferences and courses offered in your area. 
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