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Unit 2: Applying Ecological Principles

Farmer Profile

(Cooking Up a Story)
Although Tom Trantham was one of South Carolina’s top producing dairymen back in the 1980s, his business was struggling. He ran a typical confined feeding operation and his feed bill alone ate up 65 percent of his gross income. Then in April 1989, by chance, his cows broke out of the feeding area into a seven-acre field full of natural lush April growth. Trantham noted a two-pound average increase per cow in milk production the next day, and things have never been the same since. With a grant from SARE in 1993, Clemson University researchers Jean Bertrand and Fred Pardue worked with Trantham to study his system in detail. Click the resources below to learn more about Trantham’s grazing management system:
Sustainable 12 Aprils Dairy Grazing
To learn more about grazing management on rangelands, read the profiles of Nevada rancher Agee Smith:
Agee Smith: Steep Learning Curve Pays Off
Impact Evaluation of Cottonwood Ranch Holistic Management (University of Nevada Extension)


PAGE 87 / 102