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Unit 2: Marketing Opportunities and Strategies for Sustainable Farm/Ranch Businesses

Bloomington Farmers' Market. (Photo by Gemma Billings, CC BY 2.0)
It is important to remember that market planning is a continuous process. Even after completing a marketing plan, a farmer or rancher must continue to evaluate and assess progress toward their overall business goals and objectives, and be ready to modify their marketing strategy if necessary. All markets are constantly in flux as producers enter and exit, production levels change from year-to-year, demographics and consumer tastes shift, and input costs move up or down. Extension educators and advisors play a key role in helping farmers and ranchers navigate this dynamic marketing environment.
Congratulations! You have just completed Unit 2: Marketing Opportunities and Strategies for Sustainable Farm/Ranch Businesses. You should have a better understanding of the marketing alternatives and strategies now taking firm root in sustainable agriculture: direct marketing, value-added processing, buy local advertising, among many others. You should also be ready to explore these strategies with farmers and ranchers through market research, evaluation and planning. These three concepts – research, evaluation and planning – are essential to the long-term success of any business, as you will discover in Unit 3.
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