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Unit 3: Partnerships and Resources for Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education


In addition to effective teamwork and access to relevant information, the third critical ingredient in successful research and education programs is funding. Many of us face funding challenges and need to apply for grants as a regular part of our jobs. The following pages highlight some of the key grant opportunities that focus specifically on sustainable agriculture topics and issues. Follow the Web links to learn more about each agency and program.
USDA SARE. As part of its mission to help farmers, ranchers, and communities nationwide, SARE offers competitive grants through its four regional programs -- North Central, Northeast, South and West. A variety of grants are available for farmers and ranchers, educators, community-based organizations, researchers and graduate students.
Grants are selected under the direction of regional councils that include farmers and ranchers along with representatives from universities, government, agribusiness and nonprofit organizations. The diversity in membership of the regional administrative councils reflects SARE's commitment to serve the whole spectrum of the agricultural community. SARE's broad representation remains largely unique in federal grant funding for agriculture.
For more about SARE’s grants programs visit: SARE/Sustainable Agriculture Grants
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