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Unit 1: Conceptual Framework and Historical Foundations of Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture: Basic Principles and Concepts consists of three major topics (also identified in the vertical navigation bar to the left):
Unit 1. Conceptual Framework and Historical Foundations of Sustainable Agriculture
Unit 2. The Agricultural Professional's Role: Making Sustainable Agriculture Work for Farmers, Ranchers and Communities
Unit 3. Partnerships and Resources for Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
In working through these three modules you will:
  • know the key concepts and themes of sustainable agriculture and be able to communicate those to others.
  • have a new perspective on your work and the connection between agriculture and the well-being of individuals, families, businesses, and communities in both rural and urban areas.
  • be able to provide technical assistance to your clientele to help them assess the sustainability of their farms and ranches.
  • know more about partnerships and participatory research and education approaches and be challenged to apply those in your research and education programs.
  • know the mission and goals of the SARE program, and the related resources and information networks that are available to you and the people with whom you work.
Does this list match some of your own expectations for participating in this course?  What would you add?

Let's get started!

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